• Fatima Naseem Ahmed Khan Sciences of Dental Materials Department. Baqai Dental College, Karachi
  • Muhammad Rashid Ahmed Assc. Prof. Anatomy Department, Baqai Medical College
  • Muhammad Farhan Khan Assc. Prof. Prosthodontics Department, Baqai Dental College
  • Syeda Seemein Raza Final year student of MBBS, Jinnah Medical and Dental College
  • Ruqayyah Hashmi Registrar, Administration Department Baqai Dental College, Senior Registrar, Research and Development Department, Baqai Dental College
  • Rubab Jawed
Keywords: Dental Students, visual, auditory, read/write, kinesthetic, learning style


The aim of this study was to evaluate the learning style preference of dental undergraduate students. A cross-sectional study directed on dental undergraduates of the primary year to conclusive year of Baqai Dental College, amid the academic year of 2016-2017. A total number of 272 students participated in this study. The visual, auditory, read and kinesthetic (VARK) survey created by Fleming was utilized to distinguish the learning style. The VARK survey has 16 self-detailed, different decision questions. The most favorite learning style of students throughout their four years of dental education was kinesthetic and this particular learning style tops the other categories; with increasing interest from unimodal to multimodal sensory modal from first year to final year. In the inclination of single learning mode, the most widely recognized was kinesthetic. The result of this study gives valuable bits of knowledge to upgrading the learning encounters for dental students using the VARK method.

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Ahmed Khan, F. N., Ahmed, M. R., Khan, M. F., Raza, S. S., Hashmi, R., & Jawed, R. (2019). LEARNING STYLE PREFERENCE OF UNDERGRADUATE DENTAL STUDENTS. Pakistan Oral & Dental Journal, 38(4), 516-518. Retrieved from http://www.podj.com.pk/index.php/podj/article/view/329
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