• Ahmad Iqbal Editor, Pakistan Oral & Dental Journal


The Change phenomenon is noticeable in all spheres of life: Food habits, dresses, living styles, general behavior and health pattens. And when health is under discussion, it naturally includes oral and dental health.

No doubt, in the first instance, health care is everyone's individual concern. But it is also a task of state and society. Every one, regardless of financial or social conditions should have the same chances to maintain and restore their health. However, health is threatened by the modern illnesses. Heart diseases and circulatory ailments are two examples. Anxiety and tension are the blessings of modern living which play significant role in the etiology of heart ailments.

Other side of the story is that due to better medical facilities the survival rate has aslo increased, and a dental surgeon is expected to see a patient who has a heart problem as well dental ailments. It is well known that anxiety and exertion can initiate heart attack. We are also aware that many patients seeking dental treatment are anxious and dental procedures are time consuming. It is obvious that a patient who has had heart attack several months age can get a relapse in the dental chair. The role of a dental surgeon in a situation like this becomes obvious. Every dental surgery must be equipped to deal with the medical emergencies till the patient is transferred to the hospital.

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