• Javed Iqbal MPhil (Oral Biology), Assistant Professor, Oral Biology, Dental Section, Faisalabad Medical University, Faisalabad
  • Rabia Awan BDS, MCPS, Assistant Professor Orthodontics
  • Muhammad Akhtar Parvez MBBS, MSc (Public Health), MSc (Community Health and Nutrition), PGD (Nutrition), Assistant Professor Community Medicine
  • Arfan ul Haq BDS, MDS, FCPS (Orthodontics); MCPS (OperD), Dean of Dentistry/ Head of Orthodontic Department, Dental Section, Faisalabad Medical University, Faisalabad
  • Alizeh Abbas Gardezi FCPS-II Trainee, Department of Orthodontics, de,Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore
  • Sameen Irfan BDS, Demonstrator, Sharif Medical and Dental College Lahore
Keywords: Dental Plaque, Bleeding Index, Modified Gingival Index, Text Message


 Background: Several studies have recently demonstrated that active communication to explain the importance of oral hygiene can improve the oral health of orthodontic patients. The main objective of this study was to evaluate the effects of a structured text message communication on orthodontic patients oral hygiene compliance for tooth brushing, plaque control and gingival health. This Randomized clinical trial was conducted on 100 patients of both sex with age range between 15-25 years recruited from orthodontics department de,Montmorency College of Dentistry, Lahore. All participants were undergoing fixed orthodontic appliance therapy. Participants were randomized in to text message and control group. Pre, during and post-trial examinations were carried out by author her-self using blind and calibrated methodology using plaque, bleeding and modified gingival indices. Results showed that text message group expressed a statistically significant (P<0.001) decrease in Bleeding Index score, Plaque Index score and Modified Gingival Index score from 0-60 days as compared to control group. This was concluded that text message reminder system is effective for improving oral hygiene compliance in orthodontic patients. Bleeding Index, Plaque Index and Modified Gingival Index scores were significantly lower in the text message group than control group. There is a need of clinical trial with longer duration on large number of subjects in the age range of 1540.

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Iqbal, J., Awan, R., Parvez, M. A., Haq, A. ul, Gardezi, A. A., & Irfan, S. (2017). EFFECTIVENESS OF TEXT MESSAGE INSTRUCTIONS ON ORAL HYGIENE FOR ORTHODONTIC PATIENTS. Pakistan Oral & Dental Journal, 37(2), 278-282. Retrieved from http://www.podj.com.pk/index.php/podj/article/view/97